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About us

We aim to Scaffons that we should be involved in creating a good and safe workplace for our customers.

Therefore, we are committed to delivering scaffolding with high quality products that are safe to use.

"Good service, secure scaffolding and technical solutions is what distinguishes us"

More concretely, we are keen to avoid workplace accidents, illnesses and injuries directly or indirectly via our job.
We use green job Safety System internal enterprise.
The goal is simple - to be at our best every day!

Misjon: Our mission is to meet the requirements and objectives of our customers, providing a comprehensive service and high quality that allows us to be recognized as an innovative, reliable and highly competitive company. We offer a commission executing as applicable laws and regulations and that are tailored to our customers.

Visjon: We are positioning ourselves successfully in the market, with a general recognition reliable and responsible company, committed to the goals and objectives of our customers. We must have a steady growth thanks to good economic management of our company, this will help to set ourselves targets for the stability and strength of our organization.

HR: Our human capital is our greatest asset in our company and deserves our greatest respect! Continuous training and development is our goal. Team and personal objectives and jobs satisfaction is the way we want to run our company!